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portrait Series: Lindsay Cummins

Meet Lindsey, she is the Editorial Director at Revolve. Lindsay takes a break to shoot some self portraits and give us some insight on her jet set life style.


Redlands, CA

Current Loctaion?

Silver Lake, CA

Can you walk us through your typical day. 

Every day is different. Sometimes cooped up in the office. Meetings all day. Sometimes shooting somewhere in Los Angeles, or home making selects in bed. Sometimes 24 hour travel days to the next location. 

You get to travel to so many amazing places for work, where has been your favorite thus far?

Hong Kong without a doubt. I love Chinese culture. Im a big fan of Hong Kong cinema, especially wushu (kung fu) movies. The colors and textures of the streets are like nothing I have seen anywhere else.   

If it was someones first time visiting Hong Kong what would you recommend for them to do?

Go to Kowloon. At the end of temple street there is a tea cafe called Mido Cafe. An old school Hong Kong style diner that sits upstairs in a corner building with green windows that wrap around on both sides. It sits untouched since the 1960s. The colors, sound, light, food, smells everything in that place is perfect. 

It is one of my favorite places on this earth. 

63 Temple St Hong Kong 

What was your favorite cocktail from there?

Not my favorite, but a cute one. They mix beer into a lemonade and let the kids have a little bit, so they can "drink" with the adults. Its called a shandy.  

What resource do you turn to for inspiration regarding your creativity?

I obsessively research everything. The internet! I know its broad, but its true. 

Whats your go to karaoke song?

If you are lucky enough to see me perform this song... you're welcome. No one knows it. Not to toot my own horn, but I slay this song. I do it with my heart and soul every time.

"I'll be There for you" - Bon Jovi 

What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

I trust in my instincts, so its hard to say what really felt risky. Does that even make sense? 

If you had to live in one era what would it be 80's or 90's! And why?

80s! Because pastel.

Who would you say is your favorite style icon? 

Right now it is Patricia Field's Carrie Bradshaw. 

What 5 items never leave your bag? 

Patchouli oil, chapstick, clinique bottom lash mascara, trident tropical twist gum, passport.

Do you have any mentors or an inspirational figure that has influenced or guided you? 

My boss, mentor and friend Sara. I feel like I was a coal and she polished me into a diamond. Just being around her makes me abetter and happier person.   

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Be honest. 

that and...

Just because something comes easy to you doesn't mean it comes easy to others. Don't sell yourself short. 

Fill in the blank.... I have a fascination with ___________.

Adult contemporary r&b, saxophones, convertibles, anything smooth and sexy.

Do you have anything that you practice daily? Any daily rituals?

I try to make it home from work before the sun goes down. I love to lay on the floor in the sunlight that shines through my windows at magic hour. I like to watch the light transform everything gradually until its finally dark and I have to turn my house lights on. It's my cat Misty's ritual too. 

What do you like most about the contemporary age that we live in? What do you dislike most?

Constant communication. Constant communication. 

Instagram or Snapchat?

instagram for sure, but not instagram stories! Im still loyal to snapchat.