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Portrait Series: Emma Greenwell

Known to some as Mandy from Showtimes, Shameless and her recent roll as Mary on Hulus new series The Path, the French, British (born in the U.S) actress Emma Greenwell takes a break from her busy schedule to shoot some portraits at our Los Angeles studio.

Hometown: London

Current Location: New York

Birth Sign: Capricorn


Who would you consider you style icon? 

Mowgli, from Jungle Book. I mean how amazing to be stylish without having to wear clothes and sporting the perfectly shagged haircut.
Haha, well that a first but now that you mention it he does have the perfect shag and bloomers!


Current girl crush?

Michelle Pfieffer, Chloe Sevingny and Isabelle Huppert

If you could raid one of their closets which one would you pick?

Too hard, can't I raid all of them? 

What are the three most coveted pieces in your wardrobe?

-A silver vintage slip that is very very very short but appropriate although since owning my TROIS Claudia slip I change between the two constantly.

-These little black sandals from a détacher, have had to have them resoled twice this summer.

-Acne leather jacket, new York is cold!

Can you tell us one thing that you love about your job?

I love storytelling, so I suppose what I love most about my job is that I get to tell stories for a  living.  And of course meeting new people, traveling to amazing locations around the world, and no two days are the same. 


Coincidently while shooting with us, you received a phone call from your agent with news that you booked a role on Hulu's new series The Path. We still can't believe we got to share that moment with you! Can you tell us a little about your character Mary Cox?

Totally felt like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill when you asked me what upcoming projects I had and I then took the phone call and then asked you to re-ask the question! Mary Cox is a young woman who's a been dealt a rough hand in life. She sees the Myerists, and Cal Roberts, as a way out. The movement allows her to find her feet and explore herself. 

What is something that most wouldn’t know about you?

I am english and half french.

Such a beautiful mix, you definitely embody that mystery that most french girls have. 


When you are not working how do you like to spend your day?

Going to the dog park, watching movies, window shopping and discoving new places

Guilty pleasure?

Apple Pie from Jones in West Hollywood

New years is right around the corner, what are some goals for 2017?

Goals for 2017, buy a house to have a permanent home for all my possessions!