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Portrait Series: Ford

Meet Ford, she's a branding prodigy and die hard creative based in Los Angeles. She was kind enough to let us drop by her Silver Lake studio (think rotating gallery space meets rare book store) to have a coffee and answer a few questions for our new interview series.


Buffalo, NY

Whats your day job?

I'm employee #1 at a start-up which means I do a lot of different things every day and every month and every year. The gist of my work now is in branding and creative direction, but I've worked in almost every department save for IT. At the moment I'm concentrating on short form video specifically for storytelling on social and I'm so excited about it I can barely sleep at night.  I'm naturally more interested in making and consuming long form content, books, films, etc. - there tends to be more meat there, less fat. But social storytelling is still so new and I don't think people have quite figured out how to bring a lot of depth to it. So that's what I'm consumed with now. Bringing as much depth and honesty and emotional connectivity to a format that is generally perceived as fleeting and superficial. But I think it's a really exciting time for content in general. I could go into this for like 5 hours though so I'll just leave you with that. 

What is your typical day to day look like?

It's never been consistent for me and this is how I like it. Recently I've mostly been out shooting and in the office editing and ideating with the team. When I leave work I either go home and write or go out and socialize. On the weekends I write, shoot a bit on my own for pleasure, or find someone who will sit and drink coffee with me for 4 hours and talk about the meaning of it all. I have a frame guy downtown, Nick, he's the best conversationalist I've ever met but I pay him.

Who is your favorite writer? Why?

I like Bukowski, Joan Didion, Henry Miller, but there are really so many. Anyone who writes about Los Angeles (this place is a funny character), and anyone who doesn't abuse adjectives.  Bukowski was an LA boy and he talked straight. I think he was the type of guy who wasn't afraid to tell you your ass hadn't been kicked enough. He also worked in the post office for a long time and didn't publish his first novel until 50. Not everyone has these grand stories. Didion's essays on the women's movement and self respect changed my life. Henry Miller's essay on turning 80 is hands down the best thing I have ever read.

Can you describe your personal style in a few words?

No. I think talking about style is like talking about speaking French. Personally I would rather just speak French. It's a language like any other, except it's better than French or English because it requires no talking. Which is such a relief because I talk all the time.  It's similar to the way I feel when I hear people at a gallery talking about the art. Their interpretation, my interpretation, it will always fall so short from that feeling you get when you just sit back, relax and consume it. I think that sounded like a very pretentious answer so I'm sorry about that. 

The first thing you miss about LA when you’re away is….

My sweet little spot near the post-apocalyptic crater formerly known as the Silver Lake reservoir.

Can you share one story that has felt like a real “LA moment” to you? Something you witnessed or that may have happened to you that felt like it could have only happened in LA/California?

One summer I spent a lot of time with the cast of Mighty Ducks.  My office also had a good run at the Chateau Marmont. And Jerry Weintraub told me he could sense my wild side.

Where do you like to shop in LA?

I really don't like to shop. But it happens to me on occasion. Usually on eBay or at thrift stores in Highland Park or Eagle Rock. I think Khaite, Trois, Pari Desai, Staud, Realisation, and Rouje are doing cool things. And The Row is all time. 

What is LA’s best-kept secret?

The guys who know the real answer to this question are all very rich, very old, and started in the mail room. As a rule, they stay clear of press. This is my only lead.

What five things do you always carry with you?

I carry 5 rubber bands on my left arm. They come in handy from time to time. So it's not always 5. That would be weird.

Your favorite cocktail is...

I always thought this was good advice:

"Mixed drinks: bad for you, trouble for the barkeep."

- Marlene Dietrich

Current disposition:

We're talking about a metamorphosis

We're talking about going from a caterpillar to a butterfly

We're talking about how to become a butterfly

I mean: the caterpillar isn't walking around saying: man I'll soon be a butterfly

because: as long as he's busy being a caterpillar

he can't be a butterfly.

It's only when caterpillarness is done

that one starts to be a butterfly

and that again is part of this paradox

you cannot rip away caterpillarness


- Ram Daas

Ford wears the Mulder turtleneck dress in black.

Photography: TARA SHEREE DOLLIE @tarasheree